“Disintegration Loops 1.1″ by William Basinski

Like most of us, I remember exactly where I stood when I watched the first tower go down twelve years ago. My pop pop and I went to the 24 Hour Fitness in town every morning before school for a few hundred jump shots as a gangly sophomore in high school, but this day I never got my shots up.

I walked into the men’s locker room and I surround the group of men peering up to the TV screen & then it happened. I too was frozen, but my dad took it the hardest. He worked in one of the towers on the 82nd floor years before coming to California.

As I’ve grown into a creative’s mindset, I see this attack and other tragedies as a reason to create work that would or should help us to see a more beautiful world around us, or in other words to stand on our own ashes and create freely from the depths of our hearts.

I came across the Disintegration Loops a few years ago and they’ve stuck with me on a regular basis because of how beautiful the work is.

From Pitchfork:

“The Disintegration Loops arrived with a story that was beautiful and heartbreaking in its own right. It’s been repeated so many times that Basinski himself has grown weary of telling it: in the 1980s, he constructed a series of tape loops consisting of processed snatches of music captured from an easy listening station. When going through his archives in 2001, he decided to digitize the decades-old loops to preserve them. He started a loop on his digital recorder and left it running, and when he returned a short while later, he noticed that the tape was gradually crumbling as it played. The fine coating of magnetized metal was slivering off, and the music was decaying slightly with each pass through the spindle. Astonished, Basinski repeated the process with other loops and obtained similar results.

Shortly after Basinski digitized his loops came the September 11 attacks. From the roof of his space in Brooklyn, he put a video camera on a tripod and captured the final hour of daylight on that day, pointing the camera at a smoldering lower Manhattan. On September 12, he cued the first of his newly created sound pieces and listened to it while watching the footage. The impossibly melancholy music, the gradual fade, and the images of ruin: the project suddenly had a sense of purpose. It would become an elegy for that day…”


“Glory & Consequence” by Richard Shufflebottoms

I can’t believe that I never uploaded this mixtape. It’s called “Glory & Consequence” from a show I did last March.

I upload this now because I am making more mixtapes under the moniker Richard Shufflebottoms fairly soon.

“This Is Too Dangerous To Put.”

This is a general preview of my new series of works that I have constructed by deconstructing an entire Neiman Marcus look book from the early 2000s – which I found at a thrift store earlier last month.

I wanted to stay in focus with the idea of chance and anonymity while trying to create engaging and beautiful pieces by using both paint and collage methods.

I’ve uploaded the project in it’s entirety to both my Behance account and my website.

I hope you enjoy and I would absolutely love to get a bit of feedback.Image

A Night at the Museum

I rarely have a Wednesday night off, so reading my schedule realizing Wednesday night is free I took myself to the Phoenix Art Museum. I went in, earbuds in, slowly waddling from piece to piece finding some sort of solace in these walls.

Since photography was mostly not allowed, I took halfsies. Yes, halfsies.









New Work

New Work

I’m working on a few new things. One being gold leaf & the abstract, and acrylic over found paintings & pictures. this is the one I made yesterday.

Tuesday Morning Groove

Otis Redding // try a little tenderness.

Jonni Cheatwood x Tom Ford

No, I am not collaborating with Tom Ford.

I am a huge fan of hip hop. A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Mos Def, Common, Jay-Z, Pete Rock & CL Smooth. The list goes on & on & on. I supposed it is a part of who I am – but this morning I was listening to Jay-Z’s new record Magna Carta Holy Grail while zoning out washing the dishes my wife left behind this morning. Track two is called Tom Ford and I thought to myself how unreal it is that Tom Ford is being mentioned in a Jay-Z track, no no, Jay-Z named a track after Tom Ford.

Two icons.

Then I started thinking about Basquiat and how he would paint in Armani suits, then show up to these receptions for him in these paint splattered suits. As a painter, that thought is so rich! I paint in a pair of brown Levi jeans and a t-shirt and while the dishes went from my hands to the drying rack I couldn’t help but to think of what it would be like to paint in a Tom Ford suit then show up to my own reception in that suit. I’ve always wanted a Tom Ford suit, but now I just want to paint my masterpiece in a Tom Ford suit. 

One for the bucket list.


Daniel Arsham is Awesome.

I came across Daniel Arsham’s work on Arrested Motion this morning and I remembered seeing some of his work elsewhere previously; maybe on Tumblr or something and I can’t help but to do nothing but fall in love with his plaster and drips of paint. I see this and wish that I had come up with this body of work to incorporate into my Grace Series, maybe one day I will, but know that artists influence artists and I’m influenced by Daniel Arsham’s bold work right now. 



144d Interview

144d Interview

I was recently interviewed by 144d on creativity and my process which allowed me to dig deeper into why I make art and why the art that I make matters.


Jonni Cheatwood x Amy Radcliffe x Tobie Milford



This show is finally here. I will be displaying a lot of my newer paintings and illustrations at New City Studios in downtown Phoenix along side of my good friend Amy Radcliffe, who is incredible, and Tobie Milford who will be playing some great music.

812 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, Arizona 85003

March 1st, 2013 7-10pm

Daniel Kim x Jonni Cheatwood

I have some creative friends. Daniel Kim is one of the most creative of them all.

He picked up a camera randomly, around the time I started painting, and he is probably the best photographer I know. We’ve been friends for years, but time goes on & on & we get married, get full-time jobs. We can’t go skateboarding whenever we want anymore. We had some catching up to do so he asked if we could hang out and take some pictures one morning & without hesitation I said yes! He’s kind of a big deal.

Check out his work here.

This is what I really look like without all the paint running down my face.

Jonni-Cheatwood-Blog-4 Jonni-Cheatwood-Blog-2Jonni-Cheatwood-Blog-10 Jonni-Cheatwood-Blog-13


Recently I got a message  to my Facebook from a contributor to one of my favorite blogs called iGNANT asking me if I would like to be featured on their blog.

I quickly responded with a huge cheesy smile on my face. Though iGNANT features hundreds and hundreds of creatives, I felt like it was an honor to have been approached about my work. It’s affirming to me.

I love iGNANT because it is using the internet to fuel young creatives, like myself, with inspiring work and ideas with differing spectrums. I love art that is different than mine and iGNANT is a platform that I use to find my fix.

I am humbled to have been featured on blogs like iGNANT.de , Bizarre Beyond Belief, & Chula Vista Art House just in these past few days, along with all of the reblogs and posts and pins everywhere.


Only 5.

I just realized that in 2012, I have only painted 5 paintings, on canvas or linen. Actually, I think 2 of them were on wood. The end of the year is nearing and I was trying to figure out if I had actually wasted year by not creating, but I realized that I spent my year re-creating, re-evaluating, rejuvenating myself into an overall creative, rather than just a spray painter. 

I just created a series of 12×12’s that I am calling Spatialism after Lucio Fontana’s theory. What it portrays is depth beyond what meets the eye on canvas, by simply adding slits and slices to the painting. When all is said and done, I will add LED lights behind the canvas to experiment with what is seen and unseen. ImageImageImage

Grace Series (part deux)



New Work!

It’s been a while since I’ve engaged here. It’s hard to keep up sometimes, however, I have been working a bit.

Not only on artwork. I got engaged a few months ago and now I am planning a wedding. I got a job at a dope coffee shop called Cartel Coffee Lab and I’m trying to put together a show that will hopefully get my name out there as a present Phoenecian creative.

Here’s a sneak peak on some of my work that has been evolving into something a bit more simple, but still my own. Nothing here is “done,” but I can’t wait to reveal it all in December for my upcoming reception at NEW CITY STUDIOS in Phoenix.

Sunday Morning Inspiration

Sunday Morning Inspiration

Bill Clinton Plays M83

The Next Artspace Artist.

I entered into a competition I heard about from Tumblr. It is put on by the good folks at Artspace. This morning I got an email saying that I was selected as a semi-finalist which was an awesome way to start my morning.

Even a little attention for what I do is rich for me, but having being mentioned and in a competition with Artspace is incredible.

I would LOVE to keep going in this competition because this is something encouraging for me to keep creating great art.

Follow this link to their tumblr site & click the heart in the top right & reblog if you have a Tumblr!

Thank you!

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